Williams County Planning process in Energov

Development of jurisdiction’s permitting and planning process within the setting of Energov Tyler technologies software.

Description of procedures and its management within each case type. Case type name, description, prefix, workclass name, workclass description.

Fee intake and fee amount.Tracking of non-native data to software, such as acres, subdivison, zoning, parcel ID, school district etc.

Tasks name and description. Intake, determination of completeness, review, decision, notification.

Case types related to Land Management are entered into EnerGov’s Permit or Plan modules.  The Permit module is used to manage applications that require the tracking of the approval process as well as the work conducted (e.g. Building Permits, Electrical Permits etc).  The Plan module is typically utilized to manage the approval of entitlements like Variances, Planned Unit Developments, and Rezoning applications. 

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