Stuttgart Airport: terminal capacity research

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Institute of Transportation Science, Stuttgart Germany

Institute of Railways and Transportation , Stuttgart Germany

Airport Terminal Capacity Research on Example of Stuttgart Airport
Stuttgart Airport is an international airport, which is located 13 km south of Stuttgart, capital of German state Baden-Württemberg, being the most important airport of the state and the 7th important in Germany.

Aviation is one of the most important means of transportation, which, despite its current loads is the subject for a future enormous growth and it is important to consider the demand expectations of the future in order to plan the appropriate systems. Terminal, being a connection between air and landside serves as a significantly important part of the system. The analysis of the terminal-related capacity of airports, taking into consideration the overall system and its components on the example of Stuttgart airport formed the main part of the work, as well as the
investigation and comparison of the railway system capacity algorithms and their possible adaptation to the air traffic system and the proposal for the future research in the area of airport terminal capacity.

• Analysis of the terminal systems;
• Definition of processes, inputs and expected values;
• Terminal-related capacity investigation and evaluation of capacity of Stuttgart airport terminals;
• Comparison and adaptation of railway system algorithms to the air traffic;
• Proposal of the future research for the development of the algorithms in order to achieve better airport capacity.

The combination of these objectives serves for the development of design criteria, which is used as performance measure for evaluation of different alternatives. The proceeding with calculation of different performance measures is presented later on in this work.