Germany: Jobs and housing allocation scheme in Ludwigsburg

Final Phase Report – Download Presentation

Implementation Plan – Download Presentation

Final Implementation Plan – Download Presentation

The primary objective of the case study is to provide accommodation for this increased population and together with essential services and workplaces. The “jobs and housing allocation scheme” should display possible developments in land use, urban structure and transport for the planning horizon 2020. A mission statement is developed, followed by planning guidelines, objectives and special concept. These are the fundamental guiding principles throughout the whole process. With the aid of the influencing indicators, the most suitable locations of residence and workplaces are identified by performing land suitability analysis. The transport network of the whole county is taken into consideration, by implementing a concept map through a top-down design approach.

• Mission statement, objectives and evaluation scheme

• “Jobs and housing allocation scheme” and regional transport plan for the study area

• Implementation plan and local transport plan

• Final report, including several maps