Tallinn Linnahall


University of Stuttgart, Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, which is located at the northern coast of the country at the Gulf of Finland. The project is devoted to the regeneration of the Linnahall area, which is a concert/sports venue in Tallinn. It is situated at the coastal front just near the Old Town. The current condition of the area is rather decayed and destroyed. The building is located at the slope down to the coast line, so that it’s possible to walk up the roof and approach the edge in order to see a beautiful panorama of the sea. The area possesses a strong potential for recreation and therefore was chosen for this project.

Tallinn is the city located on the water and for which the sustainable water resources management is essential. The project offers the Water-Sensitive Urban Design concept as the basis for the new redevelopment. The system of green roof is offered in order to serve not only as the infiltration but also as the environmentally-friendly park area for recreation. The solar cells are also considered in the design providing an additional source of renewable energy. In the middle of the roof in the existing constructional pool the roof pond system is proposed, which will be used to harvest the rainwater on one hand and on the other as the element of park design for the people. The future function of the Hall will be not only continuing to be a place of people gathering for important public events, but also an important contribution to the seashore rehabilitation of Tallinn.

Overall, the project aims to be water-sensitive, energy-efficient, socially friendly and sustainable.